Winnersgoldenbet Mobile: How to Make Money


Winnersgoldenbet Mobile platform is one of the most popular and lucrative betting sites you can place your bets on.

I know a number of people making millions of naira from this betting site. Yes, there are people who also lose their monies but if you know the tricks; you are likely to make good money.

How to make money from Winnersgoldenbet Mobile

You can make money on winners golden bet mobile by doing the below things:

Place bets on the outcome of games or sporting events

You can place bets on the outcome of games on winnersgoldenbet mobile platform. To do this, you need to visit the website and select the sporting events you want to stake your money on.

You can bet on the outcome of football events like the UK premiership games or any sporting events you follow.

Start a betting prediction service

You can scrape historical data of the winning scores or events of sporting events like football matches and start to use the historical data to predict future performances.

Sports betting is not like gambling. You can use statistics to get mathematical patterns and predict the outcome of a sporting event.

If you have the skills of prediction, you can make a whole lot of money from winnersgoldenbet mobile platform as a lot of bettors will seek for your prediction service.

Be an agent of Winnersgoldenbet

You can be an agent of winnersgoldenbet and start making money. You can also contact this company to ask for an affiliate relationship. If they are okay with your proposal, you will start earning money from any sales you refer to them through your website or blog.

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Games you can play on Winners Golden Bet’s Platform


A lot of people like football. On winnersgoldenbet mobile, you can place bets on the outcome of a lot of football sporting events. Some of these sporting events include the UK premiership football matches, La Liga football games, FA cup matches, German football league matches and Brazilian football league matches etc.


Like soccer, you can also bet on the outcomes of basketball games around the world. The United States basketball league matches are the most popular in the word.

With winnersgoldenbet mobile platform, you can make money from bets on basketball games. However, you do not need to place bets blindly. Forecasting can help you a great deal.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fantastic game a lot of people love. In Nigeria, we have people who follow table tennis matches. If you are one of those who like the game, you can use winnersgoldenbet mobile platform to make good money from it.


Golf is also a very popular sport in the world. We have those who are ‘madly’ interested in Golf, if you really like golf, you can turn your passion for the game to money through betting.


Though handball is not that common in Nigeria, however we still have people who love the game and place bets on the outcome of future matches of the game.

Just like other sporting events, you need to follow the game well in order to place the right bets.

Other sports you can place bets on using winnersgoldenbet mobile website include:

  • Motorball
  • Snookers
  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Boxing etc.

Some people who won millions of naira from Winners Golden Bet Mobile

Sola (not real name) has been winning millions of naira from this betting company within the last 2 years. Recently, he won N6 million.

Sola’s trick is to study all the past matches of the premiership club he bets on. He then uses the data he has to forecast his winning numbers.

Mr Uwadie won N11 million when he used N30,000 to bet on Winners Golden Bet last year. He did not believe when he was told that he had won N11 million.

His winning sum was paid to him within 48 hours. There are no delays when you win your bets with Winners Golden Bet. Sometimes, you can even be paid within 24 hours.

There are a lot of people who constantly win the bets they place. However, there are also those who lose their money due to lack of experience and greed.

Questions and Answers on Winners Golden Bet Mobile Games

Que: What kind of bets can winnersgoldenbet mobile platform place for me?

Ans: You can place bets on a lot of sporting events with this betting site. Examples are football matches, basketball matches, hockey, motor racing and lawn tennis etc.

Que: How can I place bets?

Ans: You can place bets on Winner Golden Bet by going on its website.

Que: What is the lowest amount you can use to bet?

Ans: You can place bets with as low as N1.00.

Que: How can I deposit funds to my betting account?

Ans: You can use your ATM Card or Quickteller to deposit money into your winnersgoldenbet mobile account. You can also pay in FCMB branches nationwide.

You can make good money from winnersgoldenbet mobile platform if you know what you are doing. Never bet with the amount you cannot afford to lose.


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