Why I avoid hosting my websites with Nigerian companies


I am a Nigerian and I love promoting Nigerian businesses but when poor services affects my business and that of my clients, I will make it a duty to educate others not to fall into the trap.

My business and I have hosted a lot of websites with Nigerian websites hosts but we always cancel our plan before the expiration of the term we paid for.

Some of the problems you will encounter with Nigerian websites’ hosting companies

A lot of people have encountered different types of problems with Nigerian website hosts, some of the problems are discussed below:

Slow speed

If you are a blogger or a business that wants your keywords to rank well in search engines, you should know that the speed of your website can have a great effect on your search engine optimization. One of my clients had a website speed of 8.2s when he hosted his website with a Nigerian host. His main money keyword ranked no 14 on page 2 of Google.

When he changed host to a US based company, his website’s speed increased to 4s, now his money keyword ranks on the first page of Google.

Slow speed can also let a lot of your customers or website visitors bounce or leave your website. This can deny you a lot of money or income.

Poor customer service

I one hosted one of my websites with a popular Nigerian host. This company would not reply my emails for weeks. When I was fed up, I called their customer service line. The customer service representative was very angry with my audacity of asking him some questions. He told me to shot up and go to hell. I was shocked.

There are so many horror stories about the poor customer services of Nigerian hosting companies.

Expensive service

Do not be deceived, most of the website hosting companies I have dealt with in Nigeria have very expensive service. They often use the tactics of offering you a free domain name or very cheap domain name. They can also offer you a cheap hosting plan but if you investigate further, you will see that their hosting plans have very limited features. With time, you will know that you are paying for a very expensive service.

Not doing what they promised

Some of these Nigerian website hosting companies will list out features they do not have just to attract you to buy their hosting plans. Once you buy the plan, the story changes. You will later know that you have been deceived.

Website uptime

While most website hosting company will tell you that they have over 99% website uptime, Nigerian companies cannot truthfully say this. They may tell you that they have 99.9% uptime but you need to be very careful. In most cases, their uptime is significantly lower than what they claim.

Poor technical support

Just like their poor customer service, whenever you need technical assistance, these Nigerian based hosting companies may not be of help.

Ask yourself why all top websites in Nigeria host their websites with foreign hosts. Why do they avoid hosting with Nigerian websites’ hosts?

There may be good Nigerian website hosts though but I have not seen one. I will rather host my websites with credible hosts. Poor hosting services can ruin your business.


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