Whatsapp Messenger – How you can make money with this service


Whatsapp messenger is a application used for cross platform chatting and VOIP service. Whatsapp messenger allows users to message themselves through text messages, exchanging of images and videos, exchanging of documents and VOIP calls.

Whatsapp runs on mobile phones especially the smart ones. It is also works on desktop computer. The version of whatsapp messenger that runs on desktop is called Whatspp web.

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and it has close to 2 billion users. There are over 20 million Whatsapp users in Nigeria, most of the users use this messenger on their mobile phones.

Whatsapp messenger is the most popular mobile phone messaging service in Nigeria. Most if not all smart phone users in Nigeria have whatsapp application installed on their phones.

whatsapp messenger

How to make money using Whatsapp Messenger

Chat with your customers: With whatsapp messenger you can chat with your customers or clients online real time. Speaking with your clients is a good way of developing a healthy relationship. This may increase repeat business and the customers can even recommend your business to their family and friends. More business, more sales and more profit.

Group Chats: Whatsapp allows people to form a chat group. With a group, you can send information about your products to your group members. You can also answer their queries and offer solution. There are businesses that offer their products through videos or ebooks on whatsapp groups. They send a link where you can pay for the video or ebook and send you what you paid for through whatsapp.

Data Mining: If your group has a large followership and the group members have exchanged a lot of messages. The information shared can be a very useful data for decision making in your business. I know people who join several Whatsapp groups just for data mining purpose.

Leads: There are smart Nigerian businessmen who join several whatsapp groups just to get leads for their businesses. A drip irrigation seller once told me that he sold a container of drip irrigation kits worth over N20 million within one month, thanks to his membership of several whatsapp messenger groups.

You should obey the rules and regulations of any group you join and do not start marketing your products immediately you join. Engage with members of the group by sharing beneficial information, when they have trust in you probably after few weeks, you can start marketing your products. You will be surprised that some members of the group may buy what you are offering.

Whatsapp Calls: You can use whatsapp calls for making calls to your customers and clients if you leave in countries where the cost of regular telephone calls are expensive. In Nigeria for example, Whatsapp calls are much cheaper than regular telephone calls. You can also use whatsapp video calls to show your customers the products you sell and the operation instruction. This can make you get more customers which may lead to more trade and profit.

How to download whatsapp

To download whatsapp, you need to visit whatsapp’s website. You can download whatsapp here. You must have an android phone, a windows phone, an iphone or a nokia smart phone in order to download whatsapp messenger.

The download of whatsapp mat take few minutes, the app will ask you to fill in your name and confirm your mobile phone number. Once this is done, all your contacts with whatsapp messenger will be able to chat with you. You will also be able to share images, videos and documents with anyone that has whatsapp messenger on his phone.

Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp web is an extension of the whatsapp messenger on mobile phones. Whatsapp is the desktop version of whatsapp messenger. You can access your whatsapp messenger app on any desktop computer from anywhere in the world.

Whatsapp web is especially good for those who are not with their mobile phone for one reason or the other and they want to access their whatsapp messenger application.

Whatsapp web can work on a number of browsers. It can work on Google chrome and internet explorer. You should however note that Whatsapp web has some limitations. The limitations include the following:

  • You cannot change your profile picture
  • You cannot share contacts or maps
  • You cannot block users
  • Group chat functionalities are limited

Whatsapp Update

Whatsapp intermittently ask its users to update their whatsapp messenger app. This is usually done to secure your app from infiltration by hackers or to add more useful functionalities.

To update your whatsapp messenger app, you just need to click the update button on the app. In some cases, the whatsapp messenger app may automatically start the updating process.

If you encounter any problems, it may because your phone’s storage is full. In this case, you need to delete some messages or app.

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most innovative chatting applications in the world, use it and make money.


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