Tatoo and Piercing – where to get this body design done


Tatoo and piercing are some of the types of body arts people use in designing their bodies. Tattoos and piercing have an age long history. Thousands of years ago, people had some form of arts on their bodies which they mainly used for fashion.

Tatoo is a type of body art in which inks, dyes and pigments are used create designs on the dermis layer of the skin. Piercings are the holes people create on their bodies for fashion and aesthetic reasons. The holes you see on people’s ear, navel, nose, mouth and even private parts are types of piercing.

Tattoos are not strange in Nigeria. There are chances that you will see a lot of people with tattoos on their bodies when you walk around streets in Nigeria.

Young men and women are especially noted for having tattoos and piercings on their bodies.

Where to get tatoo and piercing done

There are a lot of companies and individuals who do tattoos and piercings for people in Nigeria. However, you should seek for professionals. Patronising unprofessional beauty artists can make you contact dreaded diseases like the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) and hepatitis.

The use of unsterilized equipments can negatively impact your health.

If you live in cities like Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt, please endeavor to patronize beauty shops that are known for delivering good services.

Never patronize tattoo and piercing artists who carry out their jobs in strange places like under the bridge or any unhygienic location.

Some of the ways you can know a good tattoo or piercing shop are:

  • The beauty artists must have an outlet in an easily accessible location
  • The tatoo and piercing artists must operate from a clean location
  • The tattoo artist must have easily verifiable references
  • The beauty artist must have clean and the right equipments etc.

Body Art – Tattoos Pictures and Designs

Beauty artists have a lot of tattoos pictures and designs. The onus is on you to pick the design you feel can beautify your body.

The web is also a place you can get tattoos pictures and designs. Just use Google Images and you will see a lot of tattoos ad piercing designs. You just have to choose one and show your beauty artist.

Tattoos for girls

Most ladies have the types of tattoos and piercings they prefer. Women are known to be more attracted to piercings than men.

Almost all ladies have a form of piercings on their bodies. I have not seen any Nigerian lady without a piercing on her ears.

Some girls nowadays even pierce their private parts. Though some religions frown about it, the truth is that tattoos and piercings in odd parts of the body are gaining ground.

Tattoos for men

Some men cherish tattoos and piercings on their bodies. Tattoos are very common among men involved in the entertainment and sporting industries.

There are other young men who get body arts inscribed on their bodies.

Tatoo Removal

For some reasons, people who have tattoos on their bodies may want them removed. This is why you should carefully decide whether to choose a temporary tattoo or a permanent one.

A temporary tatoo is easy to remove. The removal of a permanent tatoo may need surgery in some cases.

How to make money from tatoo and piercing business

The demand for tatoo and piercings is huge in Nigeria. A lot of young people now want to be creative with the designs on their body.

To make money from this business, you need to do the following:

  • Learn how tatoos and piercings are made. You can find a good beauty shop where you can learn how body art is made. If you are an investor, you can decide to hire good tatoo and piercing artists.
  • Register with the authorities
  • Find a busy location to have your beauty art business
  • Employ the right people
  • Buy the needed tatoo and piercing instruments or equipment
  • Make people know about your products and offerings through advertisements and digital marketing
  • Treat customers well etc.

Tatoo and piercing business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. The adoption of western culture by Nigerian youths has made this business a very attractive one.


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