Statarea: How to Make Money from Sport Prediction


Statarea is a sports prediction site. A lot of people use the website to predict the scores of football matches and other sporting events. A lot of people use this website. It is very popular amongst the youth.

You can access Statarea here

Statarea has predictions for almost all popular league games, continental football matches and world football cups. Are you a follower of the English FA games, UK premiership football league, La Liga, Brazil FA league, Malaysian premier league, Russian football national league and UEFA Europe league etc? IF yes, you will be able to check statistics and predictions for any of the football matches or games you like on this prediction website.

How a young man made $10,000 from using Statarea

John is a 29 year old man who likes to bet on the outcome of sporting events especially football matches. He read Statistics so he loves using his skills to predict the future occurrence of events.

John has a good job, as a matter of fact, he works as an investment banking associate in one of the biggest investment banks in his country.

He bets as a hobby. He is not like people who just place bets blindly without analyzing data or using tested strategies that can improve their chances of winning.

John loves using bet365 to bet on the outcome of football matches especially the UK premiership foot ball games. He used Statarea extensively to get his data which he analyses before placing his bets.

John claims that he makes up to $10,000 sometimes when his bets are right. Like I tell people, your skills in statistics and data analysis can improve your chances of winning some types of bets. Betting is not really gambling as you can increase your chances of winning if you use some tested strategies.

What people use Statarea for?


People who like placing bets on the outcome of football events use Statarea to improve their chances of winning. The website has a huge reservoir of data that can help anybody who is interested in football betting.


If you are researching about football, you can benefit from the football data on this prediction portal. All you need to do is to register on the website and access the data therein.

I heard that a PhD student doing research on football financing used this website for analysis of some data related to football activities.

Forecasting Service

You can start a business by helping people to forecast winning numbers. A lot of people make good money form forecasting by using historical betting data.

You just need to be able to know how to use statistics to get mathematical patterns. There are software that can help you to do this.

Some people are also naturally gifted in predicting winning numbers off hand. This is not a scientific method though.

Do you use Statarea? If yes, why not tell us if it has benefited you in one way or the other.


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