Nigerians Call Obaseki a ‘Prophet’ for Warning That Naira Will Fall to N1,000


The Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, has garnered widespread recognition and admiration from Nigerians, who are now hailing him as a prophet for his eerily accurate prediction that the Nigerian Naira could plummet to a shocking exchange rate of N1,000 against the US dollar. This dire forecast comes as a result of his outspoken warnings about the nation’s poor monetary and fiscal policies, which he attributes to the excessive printing of the Naira and the resulting inflation that has gripped the country.

Governor Obaseki’s initial warnings were met with skepticism from many quarters, but recent economic developments have provided strong validation for his concerns. As inflation continues to rise, many Nigerians are beginning to see the truth in Obaseki’s predictions.

In a recent interview, Governor Obaseki expressed his deep concern for the nation’s economic stability and emphasized the need for prudent fiscal management.

The Edo State Governor went on to highlight the need for a proactive approach to economic policymaking, suggesting that the unchecked printing of Naira without corresponding economic growth could lead to catastrophic consequences for the nation’s currency. He explained that such a scenario could devalue the Naira dramatically, causing it to fall to a staggering exchange rate of N1,000 to the US dollar.

Nigerians, already grappling with the daily challenges of rising prices and diminishing purchasing power, are now viewing Obaseki’s warnings with a sense of urgency. Inflation in Nigeria has been steadily climbing, and the cost of basic goods and services has become a severe burden for the average citizen. As the Naira weakens, there is growing fear that these economic hardships will only intensify.

Social media has been abuzz with praise for Obaseki’s foresight, with many Nigerians referring to him as a “prophet” for having predicted the ongoing economic turmoil. Twitter and other platforms have been flooded with comments and memes hailing Obaseki’s warnings and calling for the government to take swift and effective measures to address the inflation crisis.

Analysts and economists are also starting to echo Obaseki’s concerns and are calling on the federal government to revisit its monetary and fiscal policies in an effort to stabilize the economy. The Central Bank of Nigeria, in particular, is under increased pressure to respond to the inflationary pressures that are eroding the value of the Naira.

As the nation grapples with economic uncertainty, Governor Obaseki’s prescient warnings have cemented his status as a perceptive critic of Nigeria’s economic policies and have endeared him to many who now view him as a “prophet” for having foreseen the potential dire straits of the Naira. The hope remains that his concerns will spur meaningful changes in the nation’s financial management, averting the catastrophic scenario he has so boldly outlined.


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