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Nigerian actor and comedian, John Okafor, better known as “Mr. Ibu,” has made a heartfelt plea for public assistance as he faces the imminent risk of losing his leg due to a severe health condition. The news has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian entertainment industry and has mobilized fans and fellow artists to support the iconic performer.

Mr. Ibu, famous for his side-splitting humor and memorable roles in Nollywood movies, revealed the grim situation in an emotional video posted on his social media accounts. The 61-year-old actor disclosed that he has been struggling with an undisclosed health issue for several months, which has now reached a critical stage.

“I need your help; I have been battling this illness for some time now. It’s been a very tough journey, and I can’t do this alone,” Mr. Ibu shared in the video, his eyes filled with concern. “I’m at risk of losing my leg, and I don’t want to end my career like this. I need your support.”

The Nigerian entertainment industry, fans, and well-wishers swiftly rallied behind Mr. Ibu, expressing their shock and sadness about his condition. Prominent actors, directors, and comedians have taken to social media to raise awareness about his situation and appeal for financial aid to cover the mounting medical expenses.

A Nollywood Actress, tweeted, “Mr. Ibu has brought joy to millions over the years with his talent and humor. Now it’s our turn to bring joy to him. Let’s support our icon in his time of need.”

The Nigerian government has also been called upon to provide assistance, with many pointing to Mr. Ibu’s contributions to the country’s entertainment industry and his iconic status in the hearts of Nigerians.

Mr. Ibu’s representatives have confirmed that he is currently receiving medical care, and the severity of the situation is being addressed. However, the actor still faces a long road to recovery, and the financial support from the public will be crucial in ensuring he regains his health and mobility.

Nigerian entertainers and their fans are known for their deep sense of community, and the response to Mr. Ibu’s plea for help showcases the unity and solidarity within the industry. As the iconic actor continues his fight against his illness, the entertainment world and his fans remain hopeful that his talents and humor will grace the screen once again, and he will regain his health.


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