Livescore – How to use this website for sports prediction


Livescore is a website that displays the live result of football matches around the world. It is used by football lovers to check the result of live matches of their favourite teams.

Livescore is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. Nigeria is a home of huge football lovers, hence the attraction to Livescore.

Livescore can be used to check the result of football events like the UK premiership matches, champions league matches, La Liga, Serie A matches, Copa America, Olympics football matches, African cup of nations, world cups, African football matches, European football matches and almost all FIFA regulated football matches in the world.


What you can use Livescore for?

Football Analysis

You can use Livescore for getting data about the results of past and current football matches. If you are the type that analyses football teams and matches. This website will be very useful to you. There are people who make a living by working as football analysts. We also have sports journalists, football commentators and football lovers etc who just love to arm themselves with good data about football matches.

Sport betting

Oh, young Nigerians love sport betting. A significant percentage of bettors in Nigeria stake their money on the outcome of football matches. Betting is not necessarily gambling as you can use past events and data to increase your chances of winning.

With Livescore, you can get past data and live results of football teams around the world. With this, you can predict the outcome of future football matches. I have met a lot of people who can never place any bet without visiting Livescore’s website.

The huge data Livescore has is a big asset for football bettors.



A young man who was studying for a PhD in football finance told me that he uses livescore to extract data and information about football teams around the world. Who will ever think that researchers will find Livescore very useful?

Academics and professors writing papers on football financing, football psychology and football data analysis etc will find Livescore a useful tool for their research work.

Web scrapers

Computer programmers who scrape the web for data may find Livescore very useful too. Web scrapers get data off popular websites for purposes ranging from research to leads generation to database management etc.

The huge data on Livescore can turn to an asset for any web scraper. All he needs to do is to write a program to scare the data from Livescore.

Liverscore is not for just for getting live results of football matches, you can use it for a lot of things.


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