How to Start Football Viewing Business


Live soccer viewing business otherwise called football viewing centre business can be very lucrative if you know the secrets.

You can make millions of naira every month from this business. However, you must implement some strategies before you can smile to the bank.

I know a number of your men and women who make incredible sums of money from football viewing centres in Nigeria every month. Some have even expanded their businesses to a lot of cities and towns in Nigeria, and they started very small.

How to start a live soccer business

To launch your live soccer business, you need to take the following steps:

Do a feasibility study

Yes, a lot of Nigerians like watching football matches. I have not seen a country that loves football like Nigeria.

However, this should not push you to start a live soccer business without doing any research. A feasibility study will tell you if the business will be worthwhile for you.

The study will also show you how you can mitigate risks that may come up when you start the business.

Most businesses that fail never commissioned a feasibility study before starting out. You do not need to do a formal feasibility study. Just go around and ask questions about the business.

You can do business research yourself without employing any consultant.

Register your business

It is always good to be on the side of the law. Before you start your live soccer business, you should register a business name or a limited liability company.

No government authority or bank will deal with you if your business is not legally registered with the government.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is in charge of registering new businesses in Nigeria. You can register a business name yourself. Just go on the portal of CAC, fill in your details, pay the prescribed fees and your business will be registered.

live soccer nigeria

Establish a banking relationship

Now that you have decided to start a live soccer business, it is advisable for you to open a bank account and start a relationship with a good bank.

You can bank with Guaranty Trust Bank, First Bank or any bank you want.

Just walk into the branch of your choice bank with your business registration documents. Ask to see a relationship manager or officer. Tell him or her you want to open a bank account for your business.

The relationship officer will give you a bank account opening form to fill. Immediately the form is filled, your bank account will be opened.

If you manage your bank account very well, your bank will be happy to offer you a credit facility in form of loans, advances or overdrafts.

Rent or build your live soccer outlet

Renting an outlet is very important. Also renting will reduce your cash outflow instead of building.

You should rent your outlet in a busy area. Never open a live soccer outlet in a desolate high brow area. People who live in high brow areas watch live soccer or live football matches in their homes.

Live soccer outlets sited in areas peopled by the middle class and poor people are usually very profitable.

Buy the equipment needed for live soccer streaming

You need to get some equipment before you fully start your live soccer viewing business. Equipment like televisions, routers, satellite TV equipment like DSTV, fan, air conditioners, power generator, tables and chairs etc.


Marketing is the heartbeat of any business. If you have the most equipped live soccer viewing centre and nobody knows about you, you will not make money.

You need to use marketers to sell your products to people around you. You can use words of mouth to tell people about your business.

You can also use digital marketing and search engine optimization to make your business more popular.

Sell other products or services

You can make more money from live soccer viewing business by cross selling other products or services to those who come to watch football matches in your outlet or viewing centre.

Just think of a product or service you can sell.

Other ways to make money from live soccer

Betting business

Betting business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians like betting especially sport betting.

You can be an agent or partner of bet9ja, accessbet, surebet247, merrybet and Baba Ijebu etc. Just cross ell betting products to those who come to view football matches in your live soccer viewing centre.

Forecasting service

You can start a sports betting prediction service. Just use portals like predictz, statarea and livescore etc to predict the games or numbers that will win.

Sell your predictions to your customers.

You can make really good money by starting a live soccer business. Why not give a try today.

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