How to Start Champagne Selling Business


Champagne is a type of sparkling wine produced in the champagne region of France. Champagne is alcoholic and produced from grapes.

Champagne is a very popular wine in Nigeria and other countries of the world. Go to a good party in Nigeria, you are likely to see champagne served as part of the collection of wines.

You can make good money from selling champagne if you are business savvy.

How to make money from selling champagne

Below are some of the ways you can make money from champagne business:

Have a physical outlet

If you are really serious about making money from selling champagne, you need to consider opening a physical outlet.

Champagne is a type of wine taken by the members of middle and the upper class of the society. You do not necessarily need to open your champagne outlet in a busy area. All you need is to open your physical store in upscale neighborhoods.


When your store is located where the rich resides, you are likely to sell more champagne wines than your competitor who operates from a location peopled by the not too rich members of the society.

Set up an online shop

Gone are the days when champagne wines are only sold in physical stores. Now, we have online shops where people can order for champagne and they get them delivered to their houses.

You too can start this type of business. You will need to register and host a domain name, get your website designed with shopify or woocommerce and implement a payment processing application like Paystack.


Using digital marketing can help your online shop a great deal as the visibility you will get will make a lot of people know that your website retails champagne wines.


Have a club or bar

Do you know that some people spend over N2 million in a night on champagne drinks? Go to clubs in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria, you will see people who spend incredible amount of money on buying all sorts of brands of exotic wines.

Starting a club or bar may not be a bad thing if you really want to make money from the selling of this exotic wine. Your bar or club will also afford you to sell other types of drinks and foods.


You do not really need a lot of money to start a bar or a club. Once you start, you can expand later.

Your club or bar should target young people. These are the sets of people who are likely to spend recklessly on champagne and all other types of drinks.


Target family and friends

Most start ups begin their businesses by targeting friends and family members. Your friends and family members are more likely to buy from you before buying from other people.

When you start this business, contact your friends and family members, tell them about your new business and you are likely to record some sales from them.


Do not be shy or egoistic about it. Making sales at the beginning of your business will motivate you to put in more effort.

Find a way to have the contact of rich people

The fact remains that most people who take this exotic wine are rich people. To make money from this business, you must find a way to contact the members of middle and the upper class in the society.

Look around you and just find a strategy you can implement that will make you sell your product to those who can buy them.


Have marketers

Marketers can bring fortune to your business if you know how to use them. Some businessmen use more of female marketers because of their better interpersonal skills.

You will need to give your marketers target in order to motivate them. Those who meet or exceed the targets should be rewarded while those who do not meet up should be reprimanded and encouraged to do more.

Liaise with event planners

Establishing relationships with events planners will go a long way in making your business boom.

Event planners help people in organizing and managing their events. They point their clients to where they can buy drinks and food items for their events.


Your business can grow significantly if you can be close to top event planners.

Common types of champagne in Nigeria

Below are some of the most popular brands  in Nigeria:

  • Brut Rose
  • Brut
  • Brut Blanc
  • Demi Sec
  • Rose
  • Vintage

Selling champagne can make you very rich; you can start this business today and make good money for yourself.


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