How to Score above 300 in JAMB Result


Every Nigerians willing to have a degree in a higher institution will look forward to have a high JAMB result. JAMB stands for Joint Admission Matriculation Board. JAMB conducts examination for those willing to gain admission in universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria.

JAMB examinations are conducted every year. To gain admission into your choice higher institution, you need to have a very good JAMB result or score.

What a lot of people do not know that you can work smart and have a jamb result of above 300. You just need to devise some innovative strategies.

I know a number of students who scored above 280 in their JAMB examinations and these students are not extraordinarily brilliant.

How to score above 300 in your JAMB result

Below are some of the tactics you can use to have a very good JAMB result:

Practise with past JAMB Questions and Answers

Practice they say makes perfect. I did an analysis of people who had very good JAMB result. 90% of my sample survey said that they practiced with JAMB past questions and answers.

Just go to a bookshop and buy the past JAMB questions and answers. You can also get this material on the internet.

There are a lot of vendors who will even give you free of charge. You just need to have an internet connected phone or computer in order to access it.

jamb result Nigeria

Download JAMB CBT Practice Software

In the days past, JAMB examinations were mainly done on paper. You go to an examination centre, get the paper question papers and tick your answers on the CMR answer sheet.

Today, JAMB examinations are done on computer screen. You will just use the keyboard to click your answers.

A lot of people are not familiar with the CBT software. JAMB now allows people willing to write their examinations to try or practise with the CBT software. This is to make candidates familiar with it.

Never skip this step. There are very brilliant students who had poor jamb result because they did not know how to work with the CBT software.

Get JAMB syllabus

JAMB syllabus contains the topics and subjects you need to read or study for your examinations. The syllabus lists out all the topics you need to know under all the subject areas of JAMB.

If your examination combination is Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry, you need to study the syllabus and see all the topics you need to study for under the subjects you have chosen.

Having the syllabus is very important especially if you wish to have a good jamb result.

Practise time management

You need to be fast and accurate while writing JAMB examinations. The exam does not only test your brilliance, it also tests your speed and accuracy.

Start now by doing mock examinations and time yourself. Endeavour to complete the examination within the scheduled time.

You are expected to answer 250 questions within 2 hours 45 minutes while writing the JAMB examinations. You really need to be fast.

Do not use trial and error method

To have a fantastic JAMB result, please do not practise trial and error.

The marking scheme of JAMB is very unique. You get punished for ticking wrong answers. So if you are not sure of an answer, it is better you leave the question unanswered instead of ticking the wrong answer.

There are indications that JAMB practices negative marking.

Cross check your answers

Try to allow time for cross checking of your answers. Cross checking will allow you to see some mistakes and also give you the opportunity to correct them.

Always cross check your answers if you really want to have a good jamb result.

Be mentally prepared

Tell yourself that you are going to score more than 300 in your JAMB result. Meditate this every day and make sure you work towards scoring very high in the examination.

If you are the negative type who always think that you will fail the JAMB examination, the truth is that you will fail it when the time comes.

Be optimistic and be confident that you will score very high in the examination.

Ask for review of score

Do not be afraid to ask JAMB to review your score because you think that you scored higher than the mark the examination body awarded to you.

I have heard that a number of candidates who had poor results wrote complaint letters to JAMB and their scores were reviewed.

Heavens will not fall if you complain about your score. Just be bold enough to make your grievances known to the examination body. You might be lucky.

Now, go on and practise the strategies I have shared and you are likely to have a good JAMB result.


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