How to make puff puff and make money


Puff puff is a traditional snack in Nigeria made from flour, yeast, sugar and water. It is pretty easy to know how to make puff puff. I have seen people who learnt how to make puff puff by just reading about this snack on the web.

How to make puff puff


  • 500 grams of flour
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Nutmeg (optional)
  • Yeast

How to make Nigerian puff puff – Instructions

  • Pour the flour into a medium sized bowl, the bowl must be big enough to contain the flour
  • Add in sugar, salt, room temperature water, yeast, sugar and half teaspoon of nutmeg (optional).
  • Mix the flour and all the ingredients added till the mixture has a smooth texture. You can use a mixer to mix it if you want.
  • Cover the mixture with a foil paper for one hour. The bowl containing the mixed flour can be put on a table in your kitchen.
  • Check the mixed flour after one hour, it should have risen. At this stage, it is ready for frying.
  • Pour the cooking oil into a frying pan or pot, make the cooking oil hot, use your hand to mold the mixed flour into scoops and drop in the hot vegetable oil.
  • Continue to fry till the puff puff turns brown, if the mixture goes down to the bottom of the pot, it means that the vegetable oil is too hot. The mixed flour being fried must float in the cooking oil.
  • Turn the mixture around till ever thing looks golden brown, you must allow it to get burnt. When the mixture turns black with a burnt smelly odour, it means that the puff puff is burnt.
  • Take out the ready puff puff and put in a plate, you can now eat your puff puff.
how to make puff puff

How to make money from making puff puff

You need to know how to make puff puff or employ those who know how to make this snack before you start makin money from it.

It is not capital intensive for anyone to start puff puff making business.

You can start with as low as N10,000. Just find a place with high foot traffic, get a cooking stove, table, frying pan and the ingredients for making puff puff. Start frying the snacks every morning in your chosen location.

You can fry and sell puff puff only in the morning or all day. You have to decide the hours you want to sell this snack. Nigerians prefer eating puff puff early in the day especially in busy cities like Lagos.

You can scale up the business and rent an outlet where puff puff can be sold with other snacks and drink. Nigerians like eating puff puff with drinks like coke, fanta, maltina and sprite etc.

Some people engage hawkers to sell puff puff for them. The hawkers are mostly young people. The Returns on Investment (ROI) for those engaging hawkers to sell puff puff for them is between 50% – 100%.

You can also liaise with event planners with a view of making puff puff for their clients. In some parties, puff puff is served as snack.

Learning how to make puff puff can create wealth for you. Why not try this business today.

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