How to Make Money from Oriflame


Oriflame Nigeria is one of the biggest beauty companies in the world. This company operates in over 60 countries of the world.

Oriflame Nigeria deals with all manners of beauty products like body lotions, lip balms, men cream, face cleanser, lip gloss, perfumes, shampoo, lipsticks, tooth paste and aftershave lotions etc.

You can make good money by joining Oriflame Nigeria, what you have to do after joining is to market their products and make money for yourself. I have a friend who makes over N1 million by marketing Oriflame’s products.

I also make good money every month despite the fact that I market these beauty products around my neighbourhood.

How to join and make money from Oriflame Nigeria

You need to contact Oriflame Nigeria or visit their office, complete the registration form and buy some of their products. Immediately you complete all these formalities, you become an Oriflame Consultant.

Oriflame is one of the easiest network marketing companies to join. You do not need to have millions of naira to become their consultants.  With even N5,000, you can buy their product and become their consultant.

A product bought for N5,000 can be sold by you for N7,000, this will give you a Returns on Investment (ROI) of 40%.

Immediately you join Oriflame as a consultant, you will be given a catalogue. The catalogue shows all the details and prices of this network marketing company’s products. This catalogue and price list is a form of welcome pack for new consultants.

Profit earned from marketing of Oriflame Nigeria’s products is instant i.e you earn your profit immediately. You also earn a sort of profit or commission from the profit of people you refer to join Oriflame.

If you invite your family and friends or anybody to join Oriflame as consultants, you get paid a performance bonus. I know people who receive performance bonuses of millions of naira. This is no joke but a fact.

Oriflame motivates their consultants to bring in more people to join them. As you bring more people to the fold, Oriflame Nigeria will continue to reward you and promote you until you reach the peak of the network chain.

Gifts given to performers include cash, electronic items and Oriflame’s products etc.

A friend once asked me if one can take Oriflame’s business as a full time career. I answered in the affirmative. If you earn millions of naira from a business, will you continue to find paid jobs around?

oriflame nigeria

Alternative way to register with Oriflame Nigeria

You can join Oriflame Nigeria as a consultant by completing their online application form.

You can join this network marketing company as a consultant here.

You will need to fill in your personal data on the online application form. Details needed from you include your name, date of birth, phone number, email address and ID no etc.

For guidance on how to join Oriflame Nigeria, you can join their whatsapp group here.

A membership fee is needed in order to join Oriflame Nigeria as a consultant, however you do not need to pay the membership fee now until you are ready to buy and market Oriflame’s products.

oriflame nigeria

How to Market Oriflame Nigeria’s Products

Oriflame’s products can be marketed using the below strategies:

Traditional Way of Marketing

You need to go around your neighborhood or the town you reside in, tell people about the benefits of the products and ask them to buy the products.

You can start by marketing these beauty products to family and friends; they are more likely to buy from you than other people.

Words of mouth marketing tactics can make information about your products go far.

oriflame nigeria

Have a blog

You can register and host a domain, design the website or blog and start writing articles about beauty, beauty products and allied topics. Choose keywords related to your business and use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills to make your blog and the products you sell (Oriflame’s products) have better prominence on the SERP of Google.

Social Media Marketing

You can market the beauty products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest is dominated by women so you may need to open an account and market your products aggressively to Pinterest members.

Oriflame Nigeria has turned a lot of people to millionaires. Why not join them today and start to make cool money for yourself.


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