How to Make Money from Nairaland


Nairaland is the largest local online community in Nigeria. Narialand was created by a programmer named Seun Osewa in 2005.

Nairaland has over 2 million registered users. It is widely popular among Nigerians living in Nigeria and those living abroad.

Various issues ranging from health, business, relationship, real estate and almost all topics are discussed on this web forum.

Narialand at some point the most visited website in Nigeria.

About 3% of the internet users in Nigeria are registered members of Narialand, this shows how popular this online forum is in the most populous country in Nigeria.

nairaland and narialand

How you can make money from Narialand

A lot of people have made money from Nairaland, I will list and explain some ways you can make money from this online community.

Search for jobs

There are several times people have mentioned the fact that they got high paying jobs from Nairaland. Chukwudi, a python programmer got a job of over N4 million from Nairaland. He never believed until he signed the contract job and got paid for the application he developed. He met his client on Narialand.

A friend of mine also got a job as an accountant with an oil servicing job by visiting this web forum. The online forum provided the opportunity for him to interact with people, unknowing to him; his future employer was also on the forum.

It was rumoured that a bank Executive Director was recruited from the United Kingdom through the indirect help of Narialand. He got to meet those who were recruiting for the position on Nairaland.

Get leads for your business

I met a programmer who told me that he developed a web scraper that got over 50,000 email addresses for him on Nairaland. This programmer used the list of the email addresses to get a lot of leads for his business.

He was able to convert a significant percentage of the leads to sales. You will be shocked that this programmer made over N20 million from his web scraping activity on Narialand. If not for this forum, how would he have been able to get such huge number of leads?

I know people who do bulk sms to the phone numbers they get on Nairaland. With these phone numbers, they get a lot of leads and boost their sales and profitability.

The opportunities to generate leads are limitless on Narialand, you just need to be smart and turn the data on this forum to gold.

Get solution providers

Are you a business owner? Are you someone who needs a solution to a problem? Nairaland may be gthe place to find a solution provider.

A man who needs to invest in affiliate marketing business got people who helped in to build Amazon Affiliate websites. This man would later make over $5,000 monthly from the sites a Nairaland member helped him to build. What can be so joyous than this? Joining an online forum and getting some of your problems solved.

People wanting various types of problems to be solved have gotten experts to help them on Narialand.

Market your products and services

You can market your products and services by joining and commenting on Nairaland. You will be shocked with the number of people who will show interest in what you have to sell.

Do have something to sell? First, make yourself an authority in any section on the forum, when people start to trust you and see you as an expert, you can now sell your products and services.

Nairaland also has advertisement section where you can pay and get your advert banners placed on the forum. Narialand is not as expensive as other PPC providers. With the relatively low cost, you can convert visitors to your adverts banners to sales.

Data Mining on Nairaland

Data is big money; data is gold only if you know how to use it. Nairaland has a lot of data. Just get these data, analyse, get patterns and make money.

Just think of what you can use the data for to make money.

Are you a Nigerian stock trader? You can get data from Narialand, put negative and positive sentiments to this data and see if the pattern you get is correlated to stock prices in Nigeria.

Are you a recruiter? You can get data about prospective employees and their personality traits by analyzing their comments and thoughts on Narialand.

Travel abroad

There are a lot of travel or immigration experts on Nairaland. There are also a lot of free immigration advices for people wanting to travel to countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, republic of Ireland, Australia and France etc.

There topics about permanent immigration programs to Canada and other countries, how to get student visas easily and how to increase your chances of passing immigration interviews etc.

A doctor friend of mine practicing in the United Kingdom started his immigration journey to the UK on Narialand and he never paid consultancy fee to any immigration consultant. He got all the advices he needed from this online forum.


Do you want to launch a product in Nigeria and you need product or feasibility studies? Do you want to penetrate the Nigerian market and you need data? Do you want research for your technical or academic papers? If yes, Nairaland may be very helpful in these areas.

A multinational that wanted to launch a product in Nigeria got a lot of data from Nairaland which they use for their market analysis before they finally launched the product in Nigeria.

How to Join Nairaland

You need an internet connected computer or mobile phone to join this online community. Once you get a phone or a computer, log on to, click the register tab, input your name and email address. Boom, you are done and you are now a member of this great online community.

After joining, you can start to create threads, comment on threads and interact with other Nairalanders.

You should obey the rules and regulations of the forum so that you will not be banned from the community. The moderators of this forum do not take it lightly if anyone breaks their rules.

If you are one of the people that think that Nairaland is for jokes and mere commenting alone, you may need to have a rethink. Use Narialand for money making activity today.


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