How to Make Money from GOTV


GOTV is a well known pay TV company in Nigeria. It competes favourably with other pay TV companies.

GO TV and DSTV are owned by the same company. GO TV is very popular among the middleclass and the poor.

It is highly likely that you will see a GO TV or DSTV decoder in every Nigerian home.

You can also make sustainable income from this pay TV Company.

How to make money from GOTV

Go tv is one of the most popular pay TV companies in Nigeria. Below are some of the ways you can make money from this company:

Be a reseller or marketer

GOTV markets its products through distributors, resellers and marketers across Nigeria. Some of these resellers make millions of naira every month.

You just need to contact Go tv , ask their officers how you can help them to market their products.

Gotv will request that you have an outlet in a suitable location and you will be asked to sign an agreement. For every sale you make, Gotv will pay you a commission.

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Install and repair GOTV satellite dish and decoders

Do you know that there are technicians who help people in installing and repairing their gotv satellite and decoder?

You can also be part of the team of technicians GO TV uses for its installation and repair work.

To be a good technician, you need to horn your skills. Attach yourself to a good technician and learn the trade.

Even if you are well educated, you still need to serve under the tutelage of an experienced satellite and decoder technician.

Use GOTV decoders to show live football matches

I am sure you have heard or visited a football viewing or live soccer centre before. You will notice that these viewing centres use either DSTV or GO TV to show live football matches to their customers.

You also can start this business and use GO TV to show live sport matches.

 Having a football viewing business can be very lucrative especially if your business is located in a place with high foot traffic.

Work as a staff in GOTV

This company recruits staff almost every month. This company is known for using a lot of direct sales agents. These agents help them to market their products.

If you know you are up to the task, you can apply to join gotv as a marketer. As a marketer, your income is limitless so far so you can sell a lot of products.

Be a supplier

Gotv needs a lot of supplies. Supplies ranging from office equipments, satellite and decoder spare parts, papers and buses etc.

You can make a whole lot of money by supplying things to the firm. You just need to apply to the company and ask to join their list of suppliers.

Be a consultant to GOTV

This firm needs a lot of consultants to help it to achieve its objectives.

It engages the services of accountants, IT consultants, digital marketing consultants and all other consultants.

If you have a specialized skill you know this comapny will need, contact them and you are likely to make money from your expertise.

GOTV can make you a lot of money. Just try to implement the strategies I shared above.

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