How to Make Money from Air Peace


Air Peace Airline is one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria. Ask a Nigerian to name its three best airlines, he or she is likely to drop the name of Air Peace Airline.

Do you know that you can make millions of naira from this airline? You do not really need to be the employee or consultant of this airline before you can make money. Read on and see how you can earn fantastic income from this Nigerian airline.

How you can make money from Air Peace

Below are some of the ways you can make money from AirPeace:

Bulk buy tickets and resell

Do you know that some people buy the seats of airlines and resell later at a profit? Airlines have unstable fares. At some times, the price of an airline ticket can be low while at other times, they can be extremely high.

During busy seasons like the end of year and Easter time, the prices of airline tickets can skyrocket. A savvy businessman can contact an airline during the lean time, buy their tickets and resell later.

You are helping the airline by providing liquidity while the airline will also allow you to make some money.

Most airlines in Nigeria will tell you that they do not do this practice but if you go to them and ask to bulk buy a lot of tickets, they may oblige your request.

I know a number of people who make over N10 million from this practice every 6 months. It is a very secretive business that only few people know.

You can contact Air Peace and see if the company can go into this type of agreement with you.

air peace airline

Send cargo through Air Peace

You can make good money from airlines by sending cargo through them. You can start a small domestic cargo forwarding business and start helping people to move their goods from one location to the other through airlines.

There are people who are always willing to help you send goods or any cargo at most airports in Nigeria.

Sue the airline for their misdeeds

You can make a lifetime fortune by suing airlines for their misdeeds. Though a lot of Nigerians do not go this way, if you can be patient, you may win a huge sum of money if an airline treats you unfairly.

Most airlines in Nigeria treat Nigerians unfairly. It is not news airlines in Nigeria never fly on time, they will give flimsy excuses for their inability to stick to the scheduled flight time.

If any airline has treated you badly in the past, just get a lawyer and sue the airline to court. If you can organize other passengers the airline wronged, you can all file a class action. Who knows, you can be on your way to winning a very huge amount of money.

Be a consultant to Air Peace

If you know how you can improve the services of Air Peace or you know how you can make the airline more efficient, you can contact them. It is likely that the airline will engage you so far it is sure that you will add value to the business.

I know computer programmers who make millions of naira by consulting for airlines.

Register as a travel agent

Travel agents are businesses that sell airline tickets for people. Airlines sell tickets to travel agents at a discount. The travel agents then sell the tickets to people at profit.

You need to register with IATA before you can operate a travel agency.

With this registration, you can sell tickets issues by domestic and international airlines.

Work for Air Peace

You will make money if you work for Air Peace as an employee. To be a member of staff of this airline, you will need to send your CV, get interviewed and if you are successful in the interview, you will be employed.

Focus more on what you can do for the company and not the salary you want to earn. A good business will only employ those that will positively impact its business not those after salary.

You can make cool cash from Air Peace Airline, you just need to devise a good strategy and implement it.


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