How to Make Money from Abokifx


AbokiFX is a web platform that provides information and data about the parallel rates (black market rates) and official foreign exchange rates in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians use AbokiFX every day. It is unarguably the most popular FX information and data gathering platform in Nigeria. This platform became wildly popular during the days of turbulence in Nigeria’s foreign exchange market.

This platform shows all the information and data about the rate of exchange of the Naira to the US dollars, Great British Pound, Euro, Cedis, Franc, XOF Benin, Cameroonian Franc and all other currencies.

AbokiFX also shows the rates at which banks like First Bank, Union Bank, GTB, Keystone bank, FBN Merchant bank, Western Union, Moneygram and other banks use for exchanging the Naira for other currencies.

This foreign exchange platform also has a mobile application. If you own a smart phone like Android or iphone, you can easily download Aboki FX app and start getting FX information and data there.

How to make money from AbokiFX

Do you know that you can make money from Aboki Foreign exchange platform? Below are some of the ways you can earn income by using this cool platform:

Get information and data about FX

You can get information and data from this platform to make some quick gains by buying and selling of currencies.

You can use historical data on the website to predict the future movement in prices of currencies and make profit.


You can use the data in on the FX website to make riskless profit while trading in currencies. Arbitrage opportunities occur in currencies but you need quick data and analysis to spot these opportunities.

This FX website can provide the information and data so far you can spot them quickly.


If you are one who writes research reports, equity reports, FX reports or academic papers for people, you can make good money by using Aboki FX to get good and reliable FX and economic data and information.


Speculators can use this platform to make good money by speculating on the prices of currencies. They just need to get information and data from AbokiFX and make decisions based on the information they have.

How to get data from Aboki FX

You need to visit the website page of the FX platform.

Just type into your address bar in your internet browser

Look at the home page and you will see foreign exchange information and data about a lot of currencies

Click the tabs you want to visit and a page will open

You can also download the historical data of rates from this platform.

aboki fx

AbokiFX Mobile App

Aboki FX App is an application that anyone who has a smart phone can download on Android and iphone.

The application is the mobile version of the website. It has all the data and information on the website too.

This app works with almost all smart phones.

FX Conversion Calculator

This foreign exchange web platform has a calculator that you can use to get the rates of exchange of various currencies.

The calculator is pretty easy to use.

To get the exchange rate of naira against the US dollar, you just need to input the naira value and you get the answer.

Foreign Exchange Rates

You can get information and data about foreign exchange rates on this website.

You just need to visit the website or download the application on your smart phone.

AbokiFX has data and information on the exchange rates of the Naira against popular currencies like the US dollar, GBP, Euro, Franc and Yen etc.

Official Rates

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) official rates are published on Aboki FX every day. The foreign exchange platform has a web link with the Central Bank of Nigeria used to pull data directly from the CB feed.

Moneygram/Western Union Rates

You can check the FX rates used by Moneygram and Western Union on Aboki FX. You just need to visit the website and see the rates.

Western Union and Moneygram rates are different from the official rates.

Parallel/Black Market Rates

Parallel market rates or black market rates are the rates used by those participating in the black market in Nigeria.

Black market rates are now near that of the official market in Nigeria.

ATM Rates

ATM rates are the foreign exchange rates used by the banks in Nigeria. Most banks have slightly different exchange rates.

Categories of people who use AbokiFX

Currency Traders

Currency traders use this FX website almost every day to access information and data about the foreign exchange market.


Researchers especially academicians use the platform to query and analyze economic and financial information and data.

Economic Analysts

Those interested in economic and financial analysis also make use of this platform.

You can make money using AbokiFX, visit the website and see the data therein.


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