How to Make Money as a Makeup Artist


Do you know that you can make cool money as a makeup artist? This is a job that is very lucrative if you know how to get and convert leads to income.

Women especially spend a lot of money on beauty products. It is not uncommon to see young women spending hundreds and even thousand of dollar to look good. This is where a makeup artist comes in. So far you know how to make people look good, you will make money.

Some of the ways you can make money as a makeup artist

Below are some of the ways you can earn money as a makeup artist:

Wedding Makeup

As a beauty artist, you can earn good income by making brides and grooms look good on their wedding day. Most people prefer to look attractive on their wedding day. To make money as a wedding cosmetics artist, you need to look around for people who are about to get married.

Photography Sessions

Some people prefer to look very good for photography sessions. I am sure that you have heard of pre-wedding pictures and pre-birthday pictures. People who go for sessions for these occasions often employ beauty artists.


Work at a beauty salon

As a beauty artist, you can work in a beauty or hair salon. Your job will be to apply cosmetics on the face of people and make them look good.

Just visit top beauty shops around you and ask them if they want a beauty artist, who knows, you may be employed.

Work in a news channel

Do you know that newscasters and journalists use the services of makeup artists? This set of people love to look good before appearing on televisions. You can make good money working for television channels as a beauty artist.

Sell cosmetics

Beauty artists use cosmetics and beauty products a lot. You can open a beauty shop and start to sell cosmetics and beauty product. You are likely to make good money selling beauty products if you are a beauty artist.

Start a blog

You can start a blog chronicling your work as a makeup artist. To start a blog, you will need to register and host a domain, design the website or blog and start uploading contents on the blog.

To monetize the blog, you can use affiliate marketing, ads and sell beauty products etc.

Start a makeup training school

You can train people who want to be a beauty artist and earn good money. You can decide to own a physical school or train people on your website or blog.

Having a beauty training school can be very profitable especially if your school is located in a busy area.

Work as a beauty artist in events/parties

Chances are that you have seen makeup artists in the parties you have attended. You can work as a freelance beauty artist and start earning income by going to parties and ceremonies to help people beautify their faces.

It is common in countries like Nigeria, Ghana and even the UK to see beauty artists in events and parties.

You will be paid handsomely for this work if you know what you are doing.

Do you work as a makeup artist? If yes, why not share with us how you make money in the comments section.

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