How to Make Extra Money


Nowadays, people crave for side income to augment their monthly salaries and wages. However, most people never get out of the rat race of only earning from their day jobs with no other passive income. One of the most efficient ways of being financial stable or rich is to earn money from several sources.

Today, I will highlight 50 proven ways you can make extra money

  1. Writing: If you can write well, you can join any freelancing site like Fiverr, Upwork etc to take freelancing jobs like writing eBooks, copywriting, writing newsletters, proofreading and editing, research and dissertation writing, designing resumes and cover letters and writing SEO articles. Freelance writing can be a source of passive income for you. There are several instances of freelancers making 7 figure income and choosing freelancing as their only source of income
  2. Graphics and Design: Gone are the days when people visit print shops to get their graphics and design work done. With the internet, people now get this work done through freelancers. You can make good money if you have skills in logo, stationery, business card and web designs, photoshop designs, infographics and many more design work. There are freelancers in this field making up to $10,000 and more per month.
  1. Web Design and Programming: You can make side income by designing websites, writing computer programs and designing software for individuals and companies. If you have these skills and you want extra money, simply join any freelancing site and market your skills. This is a way to make extra money. Click here to buy and host your domain name on A2 Hosting.
  1. Virtual Assistant: You can also work as a Virtual Assistant and make some money. This is a very wide field. People can outsource a lot of work to you and ask you to act as their virtual assistant.
  1. Restaurant Assistant: You can work in a restaurant as a Chef, Waiter, Meet and Greet Assistant and Cleaner etc to make some side money. Most of these roles can be done on a part time basis.
  1. Club Bouncer: Nightclub employs Bouncers or Security Guards to man their gates. You can consider this role and earn extra money.
  1. Newspaper Delivery– If waking up early in the morning is not a challenge for you, you can earn money from delivering newspapers to doorsteps of people and other delivery points.
  1. Retail Store Jobs: Working in a retail outlet can be fun. You meet a lot of people and make friends. Some of these friends can prove very useful to you in future. Aside the social interaction in retail stores, you make money and you may get some groceries and other products at a discount
  1. Farm Assistant: You may work a farm hand helping farmers to tend to their crops and animals. This is a role that can be done on a part time basis and you will earn money from it.
  1. Goods Delivery– If you own a car or a truck, you can deliver various items like medications, groceries, flowers etc to people. This is a simple way of making more money.
  1. Pharmacy Assistant: Working in local pharmacies can earn you money. Your role as a Pharmacy Assistant will mainly be that of assisting a Pharmacist in dispensing medications and other duties.
  1. Christmas Holiday Work: Several companies like Walmart, DHL and Amazon etc recruit adhoc staff for winter holiday sales. Working with these corporate during this time of surge in sales is a good way to make extra money.
  1. Summer Job: There are several job openings during summer. You may wish to consider this option to make money if you are idle during this period.
  1. Tour Guide: During some months of the year, tourists and other picnickers visit sites around the country. If you know some of these sites well, you can serve as a Tour Guide and make extra money.
  1. House Keeper: You can stay in people’s homes for a short time in a day and help them in keeping their houses safe, clean and organized. You will surely be rewarded for this.
  1. Catering Assistant: Big Caterers often need people who will assist them in catering for events and people. Working for a big caterer on part time basis will earn you extra money
  1. Caring for Kids: Due to the hustling nature of jobs today, working class women employ people to help them look after their kids. You may stay in the house of your employer for a stated time in a day or the whole day.
  1. Surveys: Answering surveys on the internet is also a way to make extra money. Survey companies like PanelBucks, Consumer Opinion, Harris Poll Online, YouGov and VIP Voice etc pay those who take part in their web surveys.
  1. Research: Taking part in research especially medical research can be a good way to get some extra money. A friend once took part in a medical research and he was paid handsomely. The internet is a good place to search for companies or bodies who need people to take part in paid researches.
  1. Advertisement:  Though not a traditional way of advertising, allowing Advertising Agencies and companies place their adverts on your car, house or even on your body can make you smile to the bank. This is an easy way to make extra money.
  1. Blogging: Are you skilled in a particular subject or field? Can you share your experiences or how you achieved a feat by writing online? If yes, creating a blog and writing extensively may prove to be an interesting money making venture for you. You will need to have a domain and constantly publish your articles or views on the web. There are bloggers making millions of Dollars annually.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: Assisting companies to market and sell their products and services can swell your pocket. Most affiliate marketing jobs are now done online. You take a specified percentage of the selling price of a product or service when the product or service is sold through you. Clickbank, Paypal and Amazon etc have Affiliate Marketing Schemes.
  1. Uber Driving: Uber is a hail a Ride service. If you have a car that qualifies for this scheme, you can easily register with Uber and do taxi business on a full or part time basis. You only need to drive around the city and take passengers from one point to the other.

You can choose the hours you choose to work and make extra money.

  1. Pet Training and Grooming: Pet especially Dog training and grooming can prove to be a good way to earn extra income
  1. Photography: Even if you are not a professional Photographer, you can take beautiful shots and sell to some photo service websites. You can make extra money from this venture.
  2. Tutor: Are you an expert in a subject? You can teach others this subject. You are sure to make money from impacting knowledge to others.
  1. Sell things on Jumia and Konga: You can decide to have your products imported from China, brand them and sell on Jumia or Konga for profit. You may use a Dropshipper for this service. You can also sell items you do not need again on Jumia and Konga.
  1. Travelling on behalf of people: So many countries of the World allow citizens of the US, UK and other developed countries enter their territories as a Visitor on a visa free agreement. You may assist busy executives and businessmen attend meetings and presentations in another country. Aside the knowledge you can gain as a traveler, you will also earn extra money.
  1. Travel Abroad: If you have skills not appreciated in your home country or where you are resident, you can travel abroad and make good money. The knowledge of how to write and speak good English can earn you a fantastic job in some countries.
  1. Donate blood, egg: Though the sale of plasma, egg and sperm may be illegal in some countries. Giving small money to Donors of these stuffs is not illegal; you may make extra money from the inconveniences.
  1. E-begging: Begging for money on the internet is a means you can use to help yourself. A PhD student from a third world country got the funding of his PhD programme in the UK by begging on the internet. This can be a way to earn legitimately so far you have a genuine reason to beg.
  1. Pay for Performance/Bonus: Putting in great effort and helping your employer increase his profit can earn you huge rewards in form of bonus or pay for performance. In some industries like the investment banking industry, you can earn up to 300% of your annual salary as bonus.
  1. Mystery shop: Though strange, you can earn money through mystery shopping. This may not be practical in Nigeria.
  1. Websites Testing: – Website builders and companies often ask people to review and test their websites. Doing this work can earn you money. You can do this work on a part time basis.
  1. Rent a Crowd: If you are skilled in mobilizing and arranging people, you may be able to make good money by helping companies and politicians in arranging crowd for their events like product launching shows, political rally and court sessions.
  1. Sell things you do not need: You can sell items that you do not need for money. You can make extra money from this.
  1. Recycle: Items like plastic, metals, cutlery and iron etc can be sold to recyclers for money.
  1. Speak at events: Are you a good speaker. You can ask to speak at events. Once, you are known as an effective speaker, you will always be invited to speak for a fee.
  1. Laundry for people: Helping people to wash and iron their clothes is another way of getting extra money. You can combine this with your day job.
  1. Rent unoccupied room: It is now fashionable to rent out rooms you do not occupy in your apartment. This will free some money for other uses.
  1. Investment: Savings and Investment are important elements for becoming wealthy. You can commit your funds in an investment vehicle like stock and bond with the expectation of earning a future monetary benefit. Investment can double or triple your money if done right.
  1. Dating: Dating the right person can make you happy by having a companion. It can also make you some money if your dating partner agrees to help you out in your finances
  1. Assembling used stuffs and exporting to developing countries: Exporting your used items like clothing, electronics and furniture to other countries especially Third World Nations can swell your pocket. Most things discarded in the US are sought after in some countries of the world.
  1. Export used Auto Parts: Used cars and auto parts can be bough cheap and exported to other countries. You can export used autoparts from Nigeria to neigbouring countries. This can be a profitable and money spinning business
  1. Notifying companies about bugs in their websites: Facebook and other multinationals will pay you handsomely if you inform them of any bug on their website.
  1. Getting news for media houses: If you are the type that loves reporting news as they break, you may consider sending this news to media houses, you will surely get compensated for your efforts.
  1. Informing tax authorities about underpayment of taxes/tax evasion: Being a good citizen by reporting tax evaders may earn you good income. Tax Authorities are happy to pay you for reporting tax illegalities.
  1. Caring for old and disabled People: Are you caring? Can you care for old and disabled people? You will be paid well if you choose this path.
  1. Help others to come to your country: For those living in developed countries, you will be amazed that people from some countries can pay an arm and a leg to come and live in your country. You can devise a way to advise this set of people and help them come to your country legally.
  1. Solve a Problem: Look around your environment, identify a problem faced by people, solve this problem and you will make extra money
make extra money

You can make extra money by engaging in any of the activities I have explained in this article.

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