How to get free bitcoins in Nigeria


Mr. Kayode came to visit me and we started talking about how to make money. The first thing he asked me was how to get free bitcoins. I was shocked because I never expected Mr. Kayode to even know what bitcoins are. Mr. Kayode is my mechanic, so I was amazed when he asked me this question. I asked him again to repeat the question he asked and he said to me again how can I get free bitcoins in Nigeria. This question shows that a lot of people in Nigeria now know what bitcoins are.

Before dealing with the question asked by my mechanic, let me talk about what bitcoins are for the benefit of those who have not heard about this cryptocurrency before.

A bitcoin is a cryptocurrrency or digital currency used by people to pay for goods and services. Bitcoins work with blockchain technology, no government or central bank overseas the trading in this bitcoins. This digital currency is decentralized as nobody really controls it from a central location like the conventional currency.

Transactions in bitcoins are recorded in distributed ledgers using blockchain technology. You need to exchange your private key with anybody you intend to send or accept bitcoins from.

New bitcoins are created by mining. You may have heard about bitcoins mining. Mining of bitcoins is done by verification of transactions; you need huge computing power and energy in order to mine new bitcoins.

You can buy bitcoins from exchanges. There are several good exchanges; however you should endeavour to use legitimate exchanges in order not to lose your hard earned money.

You need wallets to store your bitcoins. Wallets are software used to store bitcoins, you can use your private key to access the bitcoins in the wallet. There are several companies that can provide bitcoins wallets to you.

Bitcoins have been touted as the new type of currency that will disrupt the conventional currency and lessen the regulatory effects of governments on our lives.

free bitcoin

How to get free bitcoins with ease

Though my mechanic thinks you can get free bitcoins, while this is not impossible, you may need to sell some goods or services in order to get free bitcoins. Like the traditional currency, you can be gifted free or charge, you can also get it if you exchange some form of value for it.

Below are the ways you can get free bitcoins

You can get bitcoins if you sell goods or you offer some services. There are people who are happy to pay you in bitcoins for the goods you sell or the services you offer in Nigeria and other countries. With the problems of getting foreign exchange in Nigeria, you can request for bitcoin payment from your customers abroad. If you have a shop in Nigeria, you can display the bitcoins QR code that bitcoins are accepted here. You can get bitcoin wallet from Coinbase.

If you are a freelancer, you may request bitcoins as payment of services you offer. In Nigeria, we have people that work as designers, websites builder, programmers and animators. They mostly offer their services to international customers. If you are a freelancer, then you can request for bitcoins.

You may also get free bitcoins by doing online surveys, watch videos online and detect bugs on people’s websites. You can get free bitcoins from ads4btc, connadder, vidybit,, coinworker and bitfortip.

You may also earn bitoins by lending to people you know. You may lend money to people and ask for repayment of principal and interest in bitcoins.

You can also mine bitcoins in order to get more bitcoins. To mine you need good computing power and uninterrupted supply of energy. In Nigeria, you may need to run your power generator 24/7.

You can also ask your employer to pay your salary and other emoluments in bitcoins. This may be difficult if you work for big and well organized companies. But if you work for smaller companies, they may not mind to pay you with bitcoins. You may also get tax advantages by earning your salary in bitcoins.

Are you a security guard or a bar or eatery waiter, you may be lucky to be tipped in bitcoins. Though, most tips are paid with currency bills, if you ask for bitcoins, you may be lucky to get one.

Are you a gambler? You can get bitcoins by engaging in this business. You should be aware that you may lose all your money by gambling.

I am sure that I have been able to answer the question, how to get free bitcoins.


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