Ghana’s Export Success: Goods Now Reach Canada in Just 5 Days, Leaving Nigeria in the Dust


A social media post by A.N. Umar, known as @Nulex_y on Twitter, has sparked widespread discussion regarding the contrasting export experiences between Ghana and Nigeria. Umar’s tweet has brought attention to Ghana’s commendable export efficiency, with goods now reaching Canadian shores in just five working days, a stark contrast to the extended delays often experienced when exporting from Nigeria.

Umar’s tweet, which garnered significant attention on social media, read, “Could you pls give an insight into what Ghana is doing right to make export easy and seamless? This just arrived in our store in Canada. It takes less than 5 working days to get it through from the port in Ghana while it can take about 70 days before the same goods leave the Nigerian port.”

The post highlights the growing divide in export performance between the two West African nations. Ghana’s recent success in streamlining its export processes has led to faster transit times, enabling goods to reach international markets more rapidly. This has been particularly notable in comparison to Nigeria, where extended delays and bureaucracy in the export process have been a concern for businesses.

The key factors contributing to Ghana’s export success are multifaceted. Improved infrastructure, streamlined customs procedures, and investments in port efficiency have significantly reduced the time required for goods to exit the country. This has garnered the attention of international businesses seeking swift and reliable export routes.

In contrast, Nigeria has struggled with inefficiencies in its export system, including congested ports, complex documentation requirements, and delays in customs clearance. These challenges have led to the prolonged departure of goods from Nigerian ports, which can have a negative impact on businesses’ ability to compete in international markets.

As discussions around Umar’s tweet continue to gain momentum on social media, industry experts and government officials in both Ghana and Nigeria are taking note. The spotlight on Ghana’s export efficiency and the unfavorable comparison with Nigeria may prompt Nigerian authorities to review and address bottlenecks in their export processes to improve their international competitiveness.

The divide in export efficiency between these two West African nations highlights the importance of streamlining trade processes, improving infrastructure, and reducing bureaucratic hurdles for businesses seeking to access global markets. Ghana’s success serves as a model of how a proactive approach can yield significant benefits in international trade.

Photo Credit: @Nulex_y on Twitter


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