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You can date or mingle with members of the opposite so easily through some of free dating sites available on the internet. Physical borders do not matter again, as a Nigerian you can date someone who lives in far away Canada. All what you need is to join a dating site, search for who you love and start building a relationship.

Free dating sites have made the game of online dating easy in Nigeria. Gone are the days of our parents when they have to meet their dates physically. There are stories of Nigerians who got their life partners through one of the free dating sites available on the internet.

Your mobile phone and data or internet subscription is all what you need to join any of the free dating sites. Even if you do not have an internet ready phone, you can go to a cybercafé to join a free mingling site.

Online dating is not all about sex, you can make friends with people you do not see physically and exchange love and ideas through online interaction. Your relationship should be mutually beneficial. Some Nigerians though prefer to join dating sites with the sole aim of scamming the other partner.

I have heard stories of some people joining dating sites and misrepresenting themselves as members of the opposite sex in order to scam their foreign partners especially citizens of developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia etc.

Are still confused on how to start online dating? Read on as I expose the world of online dating and how you can join and benefit from free dating sites.

Best Free Dating Sites Nigerians can join

There are a lot of free dating sites you can join as a Nigerian. There are also paid dating sites you can join. I will discuss about the free dating sites in this article.

Below are some of the free dating sites Nigerians and other nationals can join:

Tinder is a social media app that connects people together. It is a great dating site. Truth be told, most people who are active on Tinder use it to find dates.

Randy Nigerians use Tinder to find women they want to sleep with. Bad girls have capitalized on this to sell sex on the platform. 

Young men driven by their hormones also go to this dating app to find women who are willing to go down with them.

There are arguments that Tinder has started disrupting the prostitution market in Nigeria due to the secrecy involved. Randy people can connect themselves so easily without any preying eyes.

Jaumo is one of the biggest free dating sites in the world. Jaumo has a dating app you can download on your phone. Just download this app and join this online dating site.

Jaumo has over 30 million members. You can decide to date for mere friendship or seek for a partner of the opposite sex. You can also go flirtatious by finding those you can play with under the bed sheet.

Randy Nigerians use this mingling site to find members of the opposite sex they can romp with. One of my friends find Jaumo very handy, anytime he travels abroad, he gets randy women like himself easily on this app.

It is very easy to join Jaumo, just download the app and start the dating game.

Lovoo is an online dating app for flirting, mingling and chatting with other people especially members of the opposite sex.

Fraudsters from Nigerians have targeted this dating app to scam people all around the world, so the dating site has blocked all Nigerian IP addresses. This means that you cannot access this dating site from Nigeria again.

The good news is that you can use free or paid proxies to access this website. Contact us if you need IP proxies. Please note that most free IP proxies are not effective.

This US based free dating site connects people with members of the opposite sex that need dating partners.

Like other free dating sites, you need to download te app on your mobile phone, join and start looking for bagels.

Coffeemeetsbagel is becoming popular in Nigeria, young Nigerians join this platform daily.

This is arguably the largest online free dating site in the world. This site has a great algorithm that matches people with those that share similar traits with them. is an industry leader in the online dating segment.

The search capability of is also very good. You can search for people who you want to date or mingle with.

As a Nigerian, you can date people from countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Germany and France etc.

You can also date people from any country of your choice.

There are stories of Nigerians who met their life partners on Some immigrated to developed countries through the mates they met on this website.

I have a friend who dated a white US medical doctor on Today, he lives in the US with this lady. has become stricter though because of people who scam innocent members of this free dating site.

free dating sites

How to join online dating sites

To join most of these free dating sites, you need to have access to an internet connected mobile phone or a computer. Just download the app and join. Once, this is done, you are good to go. Search for people that fit your interests and start dating.

How Nigerians benefit from free dating sites

Travelling abroad

If your aim of joining any of these free dating sites is to travel to countries like the UK, US and Australia etc, you have to be polite, act intelligent and be humorous when dating those who express interest in you.

Do not rush to tell them that you want to marry them as they will know you just want to travel out of your country. With time, when they form a good bond with you, you can start telling them that you have fallen in love to them.

People especially white women fall in love easily; you can also target single white women or old white women.

Do not use any of these free dating sites for scams.

Make money

You may be lucky to make money from your dates on dating sites. I have heard stories of Nigerians making millions of naira legitimately from those they date online.

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