Effi Lotto: How to Play and Make Money


Effi lotto is a type of lottery game played by a lot of people in Nigeria. Effi lotto is very popular among the young and the old. Almost everybody that is familiar with gaming business in Nigeria knows about effi lotto.

Effi lotto does not only provide a platform for people to bet on their predictions, it also helps in forecasting winning numbers for people. It is not uncommon to see lotto players in Nigeria asking for winning numbers forecasting services.

As Baba Ijebu has made a lot of people emergency millionaires in Nigeria, so has Effi Lotto put smiles on the face of people.Lotto means lottery. According to Wikipedia, a lottery is a form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers for a prize. Lottery is played in several countries of the world. In some countries of the world, lotto is managed by the government and the revenue generated from it is used to finance projects that will benefit their citizens.

Lotto started in Nigeria in the form of pool; it later became so popular that people can now play some types of lotto games from the comfort of their homes using the internet or their mobile phones.

How to win playing Effi Lotto

Like Baba Ijebu, you can be scientific by using mathematical models to predict the winning numbers. You will need the historical data of winning numbers, use software like Microsoft Excel to sort the winning numbers and start finding patterns in the sorted data (winning numbers and other data).

There are other data patterns finding software you can use to get a pattern from the past winning numbers. If you get this pattern, then you can be sure that you have struck a gold mine. You will need to use the software and the formulae you have found to continuously generate the winning numbers.

effi lotto

Do people really win prize money from lottery?

There are several instances of how people have won ‘crazy’ prize money from playing lotto games. Pete Kyle, a United Kingdom citizen won 5.1 million pound sterling in January 2005 from predicting the winning number in the UK national lottery.

In 2018, a UK taxi driver also won 24.5 million pound sterling from UK lotto jackpot. His life and that of his family was immediately turned around.

In Nigeria, Mr. Solek, a popular Nigerian born UK musician won N15 million from playing Baba Ijebu Game. There are indications that he never believed in lottery games and he won that huge sum of money from his first trial of the game.

The fact is that you can win big by playing effi lotto, you however need to use good forecasting service.

Mr. Andrew (not real names) won a cumulated sum of N12 million within 4 months by playing Effi lotto. He is a lover of forecasting tools. He has consistently won money by forecasting the winning numbers by using past historical winning numbers and other data.

Try your luck now.


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