Doing what I have passion for or what is profitable


You would have heard this cliché a lot of times, pursue what you have passion for and money will flow in. This is a very controversial statement. I have seen people who pursued what they had interest in and they never made money.

I have also seen people who started businesses they never liked but they made a lot of money. Passion is not the sole criterion for a business to succeed. There are other factors you need to consider. Will the business I have passion for make money? Is it sensible to solely rely on a business because you have passion for it? These are questions you need to ask yourself before venturing into any business.

Reasons why you should pursue what will bring in money

A young man named John left a job he was earning about N20 million per annum to pursue what he called his passion. His passion according to him is to travel around Africa and meet people of different nationalities and tribes.

John started travelling around Africa in 2015. He used his savings to finance this venture. He travelled to places like Ghana, Togo, Kenya and 20 other African countries.

After 2 years, he exhausted his savings and reality set in. He knew he had taken a bad decision for leaving a high paying job for the passion of travelling around Africa.

John was depressed for months before he luckily got a new job.

Lesson you can take from John’s case is that your passion may not necessarily bring you money. Having passion with what you do is good but you must be realistic. If your passion will not bring sustainable income for you, then you need to find another job or business to do.

Another case is that of a 25 year old engineer named Seun who was working as a cash officer in one of the Nigerian banks. It was clear that Seun never liked the job he was doing. Waking up to go to job was a big challenge for him. He was simply unhappy being a banker.

Seun has a fantasy for football. He always wanted to be a footballer. His family members know he loves football.

Seun did the unthinkable by resigning his job. He started playing football with local football leagues in Nigeria hoping that a foreign club or talent hunter would spot him.

The mistake Seun made was thinking that he could start a career in professional football at the age of 24. After several years of playing for local football leagues, reality dawned on Seun, he had lost all his savings and was reduced to survive on pittance.

He left an attractive job for uncertainty because of passion. Seun suddenly stopped playing football and he has been an unhappy man since.

Reasons why you should pursue your passion

Yes, it is true that if you have passion for a job or business, you are likely to succeed but you must also consider other factors.

If you are in an employment you do not have passion for, you would be unhappy but you must consider other factors before leaving that job.


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