Code for Checking Glo Number


The code for checking Glo number is 135*8#. Globacom, popularly known as Glo, is a leading GSM company in Nigeria. If you’ve forgotten your Glo number or simply need to verify it, there’s a convenient USSD code you can dial on your phone to retrieve this information. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple process of checking your Glo number using the 135*8# USSD code.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check your Glo Number on your Phone

Unlock Your Phone

Power on your mobile device and unlock it to access the home screen.

Access the Dialer

Locate and open the phone dialer on your device. This is the app you use to make calls.

Enter the USSD Code

In the dialer, input the following USSD code: *135*8#. Ensure that you enter the code accurately.

Initiate the Call

After entering the USSD code, press the call button as if you were making a regular phone call.

Wait for the Response

After dialing the code, wait for a few moments. You will receive a response on your screen, displaying your Glo phone number.

Note Your Glo Number

Take note of the phone number displayed on your screen. This is your Glo number, and you can use it for various purposes such as sharing it with others or recharging your account.

Save Your Glo Number

If you’ve retrieved your Glo number after forgetting it, consider saving it in your phone contacts for easy reference in the future.

Confirmation via Message (Optional)

In some cases, Glo may also send you a confirmation message with your phone number. Check your messages to ensure the accuracy of the number displayed.


If, for any reason, the USSD code doesn’t work, ensure that you have a valid Glo SIM card inserted in your phone. Also, confirm that you have sufficient network signal strength.

Additional Assistance

If you encounter any issues or have questions, you can reach out to Glo customer service 0n 777 for further assistance. They can provide additional support and information.

Checking your Glo number in Nigeria is a straightforward process with the 135*8# USSD code. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly retrieve your Glo number and stay connected with ease.


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