Betnaija: How to Play and Make Money


Betnaija is one of the leading betting games companies in Nigeria. It is an online bookmaker that enables a lot Nigerians to place bets on sporting events.

Betnaija launched its operations in 2003 and it has grown to be the most popular betting company in Nigeria.

Bet9ja is owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited. It is licensed to do gaming business in Lagos state and almost all countries in the country.

Betnaija physical betting shops are in almost all corners in southern Nigeria. In Lagos states, you can find these stores in almost all streets. The betting shops are always filled to the brim; this is to show how popular this betting service is.

Betnaija has a mobile version called bet9jamobile. Bet9ja mobile enables people to place bets using their mobile phones, tablets or any internet connected portable device. With betnaija mobile, you do not need to go to physical betting shops to place bets.

Betnaija has created wealth for a lot of Nigerians. There are stories of people betting and winning several millions of naira.

Ways to make money from Betnaija

There are several ways to make money through this betting platform, I will highlight and explain some of the ways you can make money from this unique betting company.

Play the game

You can earn money from betnaija by placing a bet on any of its games. You bet on sporting events like predicting the outcome of UK premiership football matches, Champion League football matches, basketball games, horse racing games and dog racing games etc. A lot of Nigerians have won huge sums of money by mere betting on things like the first player to score a goal, the team to win and the team to be the overall leader at the end of the season etc.

naijabet money

Forecasting service

There are businesses and individuals who make money by helping betters to predict the outcome of sporting events. Some of those offering forecasting service use statistical models while some only use trial and error. There are stories of people using the knowledge of African traditional religion to make accurate forecasts. Forecasters make a lot of money.


Be a Betnaija Agent

Bet9ja allows small business owners to apply for their agency license. If you are granted the license, you can go and set up a Bet9ja physical betting shop. Bet9ja will pay you a commission for any sales you make in your betting shop. There are betting shops in Lagos making daily turnover of millions of naira.

Selling food and drinks

People who sell food and drinks in popular betting shops make good money daily. Just find a busy betnaija shop, ask the owner if he will allow you to sell food and drinks to his customers. Type of food mostly sold includes noodles and other fast foods.


Participate in Betnaija’s Affiliate Program

If you own a website or blog, you can apply to join bet9ja’s affiliate program. For any sales you refer to Bet9ja on your blog or website, you will earn a commission. The earning you can earn has no limits. Just promote and refer sales to bet9ja.

How to play Betnaija Games

There are two ways you can participate in betnaija’s game. You can visit a bet9ja shop to place a bet or you place bets through the mobile platform called bet9jamobile. Bet9ja mobile is more convenient, you can pay for the bets with your debit card or ATM card and place bets anytime of the day. There is no time barrier, you can even bet in the middle of the night.

Betnaija Games you can play

You can make money by predicting the outcome of several games under the bet9ja platform. Below are some of the games you can play to make money under betnaija platform:

Football Betting

You can predict the outcome of foot ball matches or football events. For example, you can predict the club that will win the UK premiership at the end of the season. Odds are attached to every game.  The higher the odds, the higher the money you can win. You can also predict that a player will be the one to score the first goal or the last goal.

You place a bet that a football match will end as a goalless encounter. There are over 1,000 bets you can place under the football section. Football (soccer) is very popular in Nigeria so you may want to place bets on football events.


We have Nigerians who actively follow basketball matches. You can turn your love and interest for basketball to money. All you need is to carefully study past basketball games and events and predict future events in basketball games by placing bets on betnaija platform.

Most of the bets on basketball are placed on matches in the United States.

Horse Racing

You may want to bet on horse racing events. While this game is not too popular in Nigeria but we still have people that actively follow it. The advent of betting companies has also popularized the game. It is common to see young Nigerians trooping to betting shops to place bets on horse racing games. It is called Esin n sare in Lagos state.

Motor Sports

The most popular game Nigerians bet on under motor sports is the Formula One. I have seen people who made millions of naira betting on Formular One events.

Dog Racing

Just like horse racing games, we have Nigerians who are keen about the sport. They bet on which dog will be the first to finish a race. Lagosians call this type of bet Aja n sare. Just visit a betting shop or log on to your bet9jamobile and start betting.

Virtual Sport Betting

When the major football clubs are not in season, betnaija have a virtual football sport betting. The football matches are simulated and people are expected to bet on the team to win. It is very diifuclt to predict this type of sport as you cannot use scientific means to predict the winning team.

Other sports you can bet on are super9 and casino games.

 Yes, you can make money by betting. Betting is not gambling, you can use statistical predictive models and other tested methods to increase your chances of winning. Go and play betnaija now.

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