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In Nigeria today, it is not uncommon to see the young and old shouting Baba Ijebu result daily. What is Baba Ijebu lotto? Baba Ijebu lotto is a game you can play in small betting kiosks around Lagos state and part of Ogun state, for internet players, you can play this game from anywhere in Nigeria. Just log on to your computer and start playing.

You can also play Baba Ijebu lotto game by using a USSD. Just punch *755# on your mobile phone, choose the type of Baba Ijebu game you want to play and input your guessed numbers. Baba Ijebu is the most popular lotto game in Nigeria.

Baba Ijebu kiosks are found in every nooks and crannies of Lagos. You will find these kiosks in any street you go to in Lagos. The kiosk is manned by a staff and a lotto machine, Lagosians troop to these Baba Ijebu kiosks daily to try their luck.

This lotto game can make you very rich and it can make your waste all your money and become poor. A security guard once thought he was bewitched by his village people when he lost his 4 years savings while playing the Baba Ijebu game. The Baba Ijebu result he always got never favoured him; he left Lagos for his village rain bitten.

While Mr. Kola, a mechanic who hardly makes N20,000 suddenly won N14 million from the lotto game. When the Baba Ijebu result was announced, he could not believe his eyes. Mr. Kola used his winnings well; he turned his mechanic garage to a modern one with latest technologies. Today, he is forever grateful to this lotto game.

Baba Ijebu Result – How to win N20 million or more

Past winning numbers

Get all the past winning numbers of the lotto game. If possible, get the past winning data over a very long time.

This winning numbers come in numbers, you should also get the days of the week, time of announcement of Baba Ijebu result and other data you can lay your hands on.

These winning numbers and other data come in hard copy form; Baba Ijebu will hardly release the soft copy. If you can get the electronic or soft copy, its better, but if you cannot get the soft copy, you will need to convert the hardcopy to soft copy so that computer software can analyse it.

How will I convert the hard copy of Baba Ijebu Result data to computer readable form? There are softwares you can use to convert hard copy document to word or excel document. Once you convert the hard copy of the Baba Ijebu winning numbers to excel document, you can now start to analyse it.

baba ijebu result

Analyse Past Baba Ijebu winning numbers

You will need to be skillful in data analysis, pattern recognition and data mining to be able to get meaningful result from the analysis of past winning numbers. There are several data analysis software you can use for this work.

Just input the past Baba ijebu result into the data analysis software and start analyzing it. Once you detect a pattern in the historical data of winning numbers and this pattern is recurring. You have gotten yourself a goldmine.

You can use the formula or algorithm you used to get the pattern to forecast future winning numbers and try not to win huge sums frequently so that you will not arouse suspicion.

For example, if you constantly win N20 million every day, the game operator will change their algorithm of choosing the winning numbers; this will affect you as you will need to start data analysis and pattern recognition again.

Nigerians presently do a mild form of past Baba Ijebu result, they call it forecasting. However, their type of forecasting method hardly makes any winnings. They merely glance through a board showing the past winning numbers and make uninformed guesses about the future winning number.

You must be scientific and use innovative data prediction tools to arrive at an informed decision while trying to predict lottery winning number.

statistician based in Canada once cracked the secret code behind lottery tickets.

How Baba Ijebu works

In spite of the popularity of the this lotto, some people still do not know how to play it. There are different games under this gambling platform. I will discuss the types of games you can play.


This is also known as 2 sure by Baba Ijebu lovers. If you correctly predict 2 out of the 5 numbers you stake while playing the game, then you have won yourself money. It should be noted that the more money you stake, the more you will win or lose. 2 sure is one of the most popular games under the Baba Ijebu platform.


This is also called 3 direct. To be a winner in this game, you need to correctly predict 3 out of the 5 numbers you choose. This game can be very profitable. Also, you can lose a lot of money if you predict the wrong number.


This is a game that permit you to choose 3-90 numbers for the red boxes, 3-10 on *755# or on Baba Ijebu’s website. You will be winner if 2 of the numbers you played appear.

Past beneficiaries of Great Baba Ijebu Result

Mr. Solek

Mr. Solek is a popular African born musician in the United Kingdom. He is well known for his great music in the Nigerian community in the United Kingdom.

In 2008, Mr. Solek played the lotto game and he won N15 million. To prove that this lotto game was not a scam then, he made the redemption of his prize money a media affair. Most newspapers and media houses published the news in 2008.

Mr Dele (not real names)

Mr Dele lived in Ilasa Lagos, he won N20 million from this lotto game in 2016. He never believed he could win that huge prize money. When Baba Ijebu result was announced on the day he won, he was full of joy and praises for the company managing the lotto game.

Now that you know that you can win big from Baba Ijebu games, use scientific and data analysis method to make the lotto result favour you.


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